Mayor Elizabeth is an advocate and proponent of our being good Stewards of our Environment. Burnsville is a leader in adopting proactive water quality measures, wetlands management practices, and a variety of protective Natural Resources plans. Burnsville's lakes and ponds will be cleaner because of our financial investments and commitment to making sure our environment is protected and restored along with other sustainable solutions. Under Elizabeth's leadership the Council and City found a way to process surface water from the Kramer quarry as a way to capture all that water which is about 10 million gallons a day that is pumped into the Minnesota river and avoid the need to drill new wells Burnsville engaged the State of Minnesota in partnership to contribute $5.5 million towards the project! In 2007 under Mayor Elizabeth and the Council Members made Sustainability a new priority for the City of Burnsville.

Under Mayor Elizabeth's leadership, Burnsville adopted the "Healthy Cities" initiative in 2007. Amid an epidemic of childhood obesity and adult inactivity Burnsville has set the ambitious goal of becoming the healthiest city in America!

Several outstanding partners have been enlisted to achieve that goal:

Fairview Ridges Hospital, the YMCA, Goodrich Corporation, Sioux Trail and Echo Park Elementary Schools (to begin our efforts in schools), the Institute for Family and the Media, as well as several business leaders and residence.



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