Public Safety

Burnsville has an excellent public safety record. Under Elizabeth's leadership, our full-time Police, Fire, and Ambulance services have remained properly funded and responsive to the community's needs.

Burnsville rests along a major transportation corridor, which gives access to transient criminal activity that can enter our city. Under Mayor Kautz's watch, our crime rate has remained statistically low .  As a result of a properly funded police department that does its job  Mayor Kautz has insured that Burnsville is a safe city. 

Under the Mayor's leadership, our Police department has received the support it needs to make needed improvements.  In 2010, the Burnsville Police became the first in Minnesota to use body-worn cameras that help to ensure transparency and fair treatment. Additionally, a nine-week Citizens Academy began, with a mission to provide citizen insight into how our police work in the City of Burnsville, including community policing, de-escalation, and use-of-force.

Our full-time Fire Department, recognized for excellence with its Fire and Ambulance protection policies, continues to provide service unmatched by other cities. Our well trained and well-equiped crews arrive on-scene quickly to respond to fight a fire and provide paramedic emergency services. And - They know what to do when they get to you!

With Elizabeth in charge, Burnsville continues to invest our Fire Department services with continued annual hydrant inspections, properly funded training, and a new fire station currently under construction. All investments that will continue to keep Burnsville safe, well into the future. 



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