Under Mayor Elizabeth's leadership Burnsville has leveraged partnerships that serve shared taxpayers more efficiently. The days of wasteful protection of turf and prerogative need to end in the public sector. Mayor Elizabeth is working to find the least expensive way to provide good service. Burnsville has leveraged over $25 million in grants and financial awards over the past 10 years. That is about a full year of city property tax. It has created major new partnerships. The new Dakota Communications Center pooled the resources of 5 emergency dispatch centers from 11 cities and our County into one. It opened on January 1st and will save the taxpayers of every Dakota County city millions of dollars in capital and operational costs over the next 10 years.

Burnsville's Fire Department works under an automatic aid arrangement with our neighboring cities. It hastens response time for fires and emergency medical response for all of us. Burnsville is exploring new partnerships in the areas of law enforcement technology and shared services with our neighbors.



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