Financial Management

Financially, the City of Burnsville is in GREAT shape. The City's debt has been reduced from $100 million to below $40 million, which includes the Performing Arts Center. The rating agencies have just again affirmed the City's Aa1 bond rating and commended how finances are managed. Moody's Investors Services makes these remarks in a letter to the City of Burnsville, "Moody's expects the City's strong financial position to continue due to a history of prudent management and retained financial flexibility." Moody's analysis of the city finds, The City's full valuation, currently is $6.7 billion, and an averaged annual growth of 8.4% over the last five years.

Under Mayor Elizabeth's leadership an Infrastructure Trust Fund was put in place to pay for our City's aging infrastructure repairs and upgrades without borrowing money and an aggressive initiative to go after grant funds to help improve and add elements to the City. To date the City has received more than $25 million for land purchase in the Heart of the City, storm water improvements around Early Lake, Heart of the City Parking Ramp and many other needed improvements and programs like the Youth Garage etc.



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