Financial Management

The key to any good and viable city is its financial leadership.  Mayor Kautz has always taken the role of  financial stewardship very seriously Under her leadership, the bond rating for the City of Burnsville improved from AA to AA+ to AAA.  Since 2005, Burnsville has maintained its AAA bond rating, even during the 2008 recession, allowing the City to borrow money for capital infrastructure and improvement projects at a lower rate - saving you, the taxpayer, money.

The Mayor is also responsible for creating the Infrastructure Trust Fund to pay for our City's aging infrastructure repairs and upgrades, without borrowing money, and an aggressive initiative to go after grant funds to help improve and add elements to the City. These funds have resulted in the successful development of the Heart of the City and the adjacent public parking ramp, stormwater improvements around Early Lake, and programs like the Youth Garage.



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