"Kautz is Courageous" from Dan McElroy

My wife, Mary, and I have lived in Burnsville for almost 31 years and take great pride in this city. Communities, like homes or businesses, require continuing upkeep, maintenance and investment to maintain their value. Resting on safe positions is rarely the best form of leadership.

Mayor Elizabeth Kautz has been criticized by some because of her courageous championing of a variety of investments including the updating of streets and parks, but particularly for the Performing Arts Center. We admire Elizabeth and are pleased to support her for re-election. We urge our friends and neighbors to vote in the primary on Sept. 9 and to support Elizabeth.

Dan McElroy

Endorsement from former State Senator John Doll

Burnsville is extremely fortunate to have one of the best mayors in America running the city. Mayor Elizabeth Kautz has a rare combination of passion, skill, vision, professionalism and experience. Though Burnsville has always been a good place to live and work, under her leadership, our city has never been better. Working hand in hand with her extensive and committed network of business and community leaders she has created opportunities throughout the city, bringing out the best in people, delivering high quality results, while responsibly leveraging resources from around the region. Our fiscal house is sound, our tax base has grown and our bond rating is an outstanding Aa1. Mayor Kautz has been an excellent steward of the office of mayor and our tax dollars.

This perspective is shared by her peers from across the nation, who recognize the depth of her abilities and her caring attitude and elected her to the position of Second Vice President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. This is a position traditionally reserved for men who manage much larger cities a high honor given to few and not done without due merit. That's the type of mayor we have in Burnsville.

Her positive, can-do attitude inspires others and was instrumental in the success of numerous recent community initiatives including a new waste water treatment facility, a special TIF district for the redevelopment of the Minnesota River Quadrant, and sound walls along I-35W by 2011. Be certain, Mayor Kautz will lead the Heart of the City project to success despite the chatter of the detractors. Already she is leveraging current development to expand investment in the area. Soon Burnsville will be home for the Mediterranean Cruise Café. This is a nearly $2,000,000 capital investment that will prove to other entrepreneurs and businesses the value of investing in the heart of our city.
Mayor Kautz's 14 years of dedicated service on behalf of our community in one of accomplishment we all can be proud of. She is exactly the person we need to lead our city over the next 4 years.

John Doll
Burnsville Resident
State Senator

'In Support of Elizabeth' from Rich Daly

September 3, 2008

To The Editor
Burnsville Sun Current Newspaper

Citizens of Burnsville are fortunate to have their city government staffed with experienced and dedicated employees and elected officials who work tirelessly and put in long hours at considerable personal sacrifice to make Burnsville the progressive, well-run and financially viable community it is.

Mayor Elizabeth Kautz deserves credit for her outstanding leadership and her ability to facilitate a close working relationship with fellow Council members and the City Staff. As mentioned in recent letters to the editor, she has a real passion for doing the right thing for the citizens of Burnsville. She has worked hard to bring new businesses to the city that add to the community's tax base; create jobs, attract additional businesses, and add to an already attractive quality of living environment

It is notable that none of these projects result in increased taxes for the citizens of Burnsville. Increased revenues from expanded economic activity keep individual tax burdens low. Her work with the Burnsville Medical Alliance, with its focus on expanding the medical device manufacturing and health care industries in Burnsville is a good example of Mayor Kautz's vision for the future.

Our mayor has developed strong ties with organizations at the local, state, and federal levels to support these initiatives. They include locally the MN River Valley Medical Manufacturers Association (MedNet), MN High Tech Association, and Life Science Alley; at the state level the BioBusiness Alliance, the Dept.of Employment & Economic Development (DEED), and Minnesota State Colleges & Universities(MNSCU) and, at the federal level, her recent election as Second Vice President for the U.S. Conference of Mayors, which would lead to her automatic progression to President of this organization in 2010 as the Mayor of Burnsville.

As long as Elizabeth Kautz is willing to continue to serve the citizens of Burnsville, let's re-elect her for another term.

Rich Daly

'Kautz has led city into the future' from Deb Burrell

To the editor:

Burnsville needs strong leadership if we want our city to continue to be a vibrant community to live and work in. For that reason I am supporting Mayor Elizabeth Kautz for re-election.

Kautz has been a driving force to keep Burnsville looking to the future. She has encouraged citizen involvement and input with the visioning meetings held in the past and the informal meetings she continues to have with citizens.

The Heart of the City project has transformed an area you simply drove through into a destination for shoppers, diners, and entertainment. Empty lots and the abandoned K-mart site now generate tax dollars for the community and provide jobs. The opening of the Performing Arts Center will attract even more people to the area. The Mediterranean Cruise Cafe; will relocate to a new building in the HOC in large part because Kautz personally invited the owners to be a part of the growth of the area.

CNN Money has named Burnsville as one of the top 50 "Best Small Cities" in the country. This is not a community that sits back and says "good enough." Too many cities have done that in the past and later find the need to reinvent the city to meet the times. Kautz and the City Council have not let that happen to Burnsville. Instead Burnsville continues to change for the better for today and the future.

Join me in voting for Kautz in the Nov. 4 general election. Let's keep Burnsville as a community we can be proud to be a part of.


October 21st 2012
Subject: Letter to Editor

The article in your newspaper about the Burnsville Council candidate forum Monday, Oct 15, did not report one very key comment made by mayoral candidate Jerry Willenberg indicating that if elected he'd sell the Burnsville Performing Arts Center(PAC). What a short sighted statement! Willenberg is grossly misinformed re the PAC. The bonds for the PAC are tax exempt and cannot it be sold. If one were to entertain such an unwise proposal, the City would be on the hook for the full principle and interest.

Furthermore, Willenberg misread, and took out of context, Moody's financial letter regarding the City's AAA bond rating. Yes, the City's per capita income and total market value declined slightly during the recession as did almost every other city in the nation. Moody's does indeed understand that all affected cities have no control over the recession factor in its evaluations. I would have expected that these Willenberg statements could have been addressed in the news article so as to enable voters to see and understand his lack of comprehension about municipal finance.

His mantra of "time for a change" doesn't make sense. The accomplishments, vision, and contributions of our current mayor, Elizabeth Kautz, are incalculable when compared to an opponent whose only "vision" for Burnsville is to sell the PAC while at the same time criticizing some business property owners for experiencing some empty storefronts and some vacant housing units.

If you care about the ongoing succesful future of Burnsville you will vote for Mayor Elizabeth Kautz. I do, and I will.

Mike O'Connor


October 4th 2012
Subject: Letter to Editor

Burnsville has benefitted greatly from Elizabeth Kautz's leadership. We have a strong industrial/commercial base, an attractive and well thought out pattern of land use including good parks and natural areas, and a capable and efficient city government. She regularly seeks the opinionbr of residents and other stakeholders and welcomes new ideas and perspectives. When and where appropriate Burnsville cooperates with other units of government and with the non-profit and private sectors to help Burnsville thrive and keep this a good place to live and raise a family.

Please join me in voting for Elizabeth Kautz for Mayor.

Vici Oshiro


September 19, 2012 at 7:40 pm

I'm voting for Mayor Elizabeth Kautz and urge bipartisan voters to join me.
Most compellingly because this is a leader who doesn't pick sides, as evidenced by this endorsement. My father, Gene Grazzini Jr ., a Republican, and I, a progressive, agree we want Elizabeth Kautz to continue leading our Burnsville.

Here are some reasons why:
First, Kautz is a long-time citizen who has maintained her focus on Burnsville 's evolving needs. Second: she has demonstrated commitment to maximizing all sectors of our Community from youth to seniors, businesspeople to immigrants. Third, her leadership style has proven effective. She balances sustaining collaborative leadership by convening diverse voices and energies, with pragmatic decisiveness orienting her actions to the larger vision of our Community, without ceding to extraneous distractions.

In recent years we've seen Kautz as at ease dancing with elementary school children in the healthy community initiative Paha Sapa: Play it Forward, as she's been catalyzing fiscal policy attention to Burnsville with presidents and prime ministers at national and international levels.

And through the toughest recession of our times, Burnsville has retained an AAA credit rating and continues drawing commerce, including 150 new businesses since 2009.

Meanwhile, Kautz navigated partisan tensions around the Burnsville Performing Arts Center defending its long-term cultural value, while successfully stimulating its short-term financial performance.

While many polarizing political positions undermine our collective success, responsive stewardship is critical. Other citizens and I with the cross-partisan initiative DynamicShift witnessed it when we told Burnsville leaders to stop fighting and start working together. Kautz moved quickly to bridge the divisions, pairing differing leaders to cooperate on projects to solve the problems.

These are among many reasons my father and I, coming from opposite political viewpoints, believe Elizabeth Kautz is the best equipped candidate to keep Burnsville on track into the future.

Has Kautz always done everything we think she should? No. We know no leader can perfectly address every citizen's every desire. But those who mix passion, pragmatism, commitment and cooperation combined with proven leadership, get close.

We're convinced Elizabeth Kautz has that rare, right blend.

Please follow our bipartisan lead and re-elect Mayor Elizabeth Kautz.

Andrea Morisette Grazzini
Founder, DynamicShift
CEO, WeTheP.org
With, Gene Grazzini Jr .
Chairman, Grazzini Brothers & Company

August 21, 2012

Congratulations to Elizabeth Kautz for her primary win in the Burnsville Mayoral contest. I want to declare that I will enthusiastically support Elizabeth Kautz for Mayor in this fall’s General Election.       I am supporting Elizabeth because she has shown an unbelievable passion for doing the right things for Burnsville. She has recognized that Burnsville is an aging city and has been a great visionary in leading the redevelopment of aging portions of the city. This vision has helped create the wonderful Heart Of The City which has created at least a $1 million increase in tax revenues and provided new housing and retail along with the fantastic Nicollet Commons Park. Her leadership has led to the re-development of Valley Ridge shopping center. In the last four years, the city has invested in street improvement infrastructure in many parts of the city. She led the city in finding a way to fund the Performing Arts Center which is growing in success and popularity every year. That success has helped our hotels and restaurants increase their business.   She has a vision to lead Burnsville in the future Minnesota River Quadrant Re-Development.   All of these things have been done while holding our city tax rate steady. Elizabeth works harder at her part-time job than any person ever has as Mayor of Burnsville. She understands government policy extremely well, something that her opponent would take years, if ever, to learn. Her great leadership has also been recognized at the national level where she is still on the board for the U.S. Conference of Mayors. That position has helped bring new businesses and national awareness to Burnsville.     Her opponent, who has run and been rejected by the voters multiple times, says he should be elected because it is time for a change, but offers no ideas of what he would do for the city.    For all of these reasons she is the clear choice in the General Election over Jerry Willenberg. . Please join me in voting for Elizabeth Kautz for Mayor.

Doug Daniel
Burnsville, MN 55337

June 27, 2012

Honorable Elizabeth B. Kautz
Mayor of Burnsville
100 Civic Center Parkway
Burnsville, MN 55337-3817

Dear Mayor Kautz,

It was a pleasure to see you again at the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Orlando. I appreciated your kind invitation to visit Burnsville to meet with you, members of the City Council and City Manager Craig Ebeling to become better acquainted with your city and to learn more about the benefits that can be derived from doing business in Burnsville.

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July 2, 2012

Mayor Kautz
100 Civic Center Parkway
Burnsville, MN 55337-3817

Dear Mayor Kautz,

I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I and other members of the Minnesota business community appreciate your constant efforts to grow commerce and employment in Burnsville, Minnesota and across the U.S. through your active engagement at home and within the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

As a member of the U.S. Conference of Mayors I have watched you work tirelessly to promote Burnsville as a place that is open for business while making it an even more appealing place to live through the redevelopment projects you have shepherded.

I hope the people of your home town are as proud of you as I am as I watch you on the world stage, fighting for jobs and Congressional financial support for Burnsville and the other cities across the country.

Bravo! Keep up the great work!

Michael W. Taylor
Vice President Municipals

I am so pleased to see that Mayor Elizabeth Kautz is running for re-election. She has been the best ambassador for Burnsville we have ever had. Her primary opponent seems fixated on Mayor Kautz's length of service to the city. The issue in this election is not about the time a person has been in a job. It is about performance, achievement and results. Just look around our city and you will see many new businesses brought into Burnsville by Mayor Kautz. I have lived in Burnsville for 34 years and am grateful to Mayor Kautz for making Burnsville a safe, successful, beautiful and proud city. I will vote for Mayor Kautz in the Primary in August and in the General Election in November when she is re-elected mayor.

Caroline V. Erickson





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