This is a letter of support and affirmation of our Mayor , ELizabeth Kautz."As the Fire Chief of Burnsville, I know the city was benefited..."

It is an honor and a pleasure that I provide this letter of recommendation in support of the reelection of Mayor Elizabeth Kautz.

I served the City of Burnsville for 27 years as a Police Officer, Firefighter and Fire Chief. And during those 27 years I worked very closely with many elected officials of the city. Many of whom I felt great admiration for. None of whom I felt more admiration for than Elizabeth Kautz.

Elizabeth Kautz is a person of great integrity and approachability. She has provided both direction and involvement in the growth, sustainability and future updating of Burnsville. All of which she does with a friendly, tactful and diplomatic manner.

As the Fire Chief of Burnsville, I know the city was benefited by the best service possible in the ways of fire, emergency medicine and rescue responses. All of which were provided in a cost-effective manner but a manner that never compromised the safety of either the citizens or the firefighters of Burnsville. Which are accomplished with the Mayor Kautz’s leadership.

In conclusion, in the best interests of the City of Burnsville, its citizens, employees and future of the city, I recommend the continuance of Elizabeth Kautz as Mayor of Burnsville.

Ronald Payne – Retired Fire Chief of the City of Burnsville

"Mayor Kautz has my vote for another term!" 

As a fellow Burnsville resident and entrepreneur for over 20 years, I endorse Elizabeth Kautz not only as our incumbent mayor but also for an additional four-year term. 

I have known Mayor Kautz since 1992, and I had the honor of serving on the board of regents at St Mary's University alongside our mayor. I have seen firsthand how Mayor Kautz is not only a visionary, but also somebody with a transformational mindset that gets things done. 

Further, I have also had the privilege to volunteer at the Burnsville International Festival, a community-inclusive event held yearly in July bringing the world to Burnsville with excellent international live music, food, and art. Said event was an idea that was planned, directed, and launched by Mayor Kautz's and community members over 8 years ago hosting its first festival"in a school gym, of which now has successfully grown into a successful free community event funded by company sponsors that serves over five thousand people in our Heart of the City pavilion. 

Mayor Kautz has my vote for another term!

G. Carlos Lopez President/CEO

Five Stone Group, Inc Casa Travel & Technologies

Mayor Kautz is one of the top leadership Mayors in the United States. 

How do I know that?  Having worked with city leaders across the globe for 20 years, I have had an opportunity to build relationships with many Mayors and see first-hand their ability to understand the real needs of their community and even more, the skill to take meaningful action and solve the big challenges every city faces.  Today with so many issues—including the pandemic, social and racial injustice, divisive politics and income inequality, Elizabeth is exemplary in her determination  to help Burnsville thrive.  Her work to steward the economic health of the city, to support the business community and to help students and families across the city are just some of the reasons to re-elect her to office.  As an intelligent and compassionate leader, Mayor Kautz is a role model for all of us. 

Sincerely, Sandra Baer


Elizabeth is knowledgeable – Elizabeth is experienced – Elizabeth is connected and recognized nationally for her mayoral leadership skills.

This is a letter of support and affirmation of our Mayor , ELizabeth Kautz.

My experience with Elizabeth has been as a citizen, arts activist, School Board member and Metropolitan Council member.  We have an earned history.

I ask my fellow Burnsville residents to vote for Elizabeth and to then get involved by being engaged, accountable and informed citizens themselves.

Bonnie Dyer Featherstone

I support Mayor Elizabeth Kautz for re-election

There is nobody I trust more than Mayor Kautz to continue to work on behalf of the residents and businesses of Burnsville to keep our city moving, growing, and meeting the needs of ALL of us. 

I moved to Burnsville shortly after Mayor Kautz was first elected. Burnsville has changed a lot since then. What hasn’t changed is Mayor Kautz’ steady, thoughtful, forward looking leadership guiding our city to continue to be a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Burnsville is a mature city. The initial development phase of the 60s, 70s, and 80s is over. To continue our strength we need experienced, engaged leaders who understand the importance of smart redevelopment and can see the needs of the future as well as they see the needs of today.

Mayor Kautz is that leader. She has continued to be engaged with the business community as she and the council have worked on smart redevelopment to rejuvenate the city’s tax base and provide a wide variety of jobs for our residents.

Mayor Kautz has continued to be engaged with our schools and school leaders to help shape the city’s growth, and develop civic cultural events for a more diverse population.

Being the mayor of a city like Burnsville is not a job for partisan politicians. It is not a position for testing ideologies. Burnsville and its residents are not test subjects. We are people who love our community and our neighbors. We realize that we are all in this together. And nobody realizes that more than Mayor Kautz.

Please join me in voting for Elizabeth Kautz for Mayor once again this fall.

Will Morgan
409 Oakland Lane

"She has led us through some difficult times in the past..."

It is with great confidence that I fully endorse and support the re-election of Mayor Elizabeth Kautz!  I have been a Burnsville resident since 1974 and have had businesses located in Burnsville since 1980.  Mayor Kautz was instrumental in keeping my business in Burnsville as we were growing and expanding. 

  Over the years I have had the opportunity to interact with Mayor Kautz in various capacities as I served as a Trustee at Fairview Hospital, a Board Member of the Burnsville Chamber and Board Chair of the Burnsville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.  As a current member of Mayor Kautz’s CEO Forum Group I have witnessed firsthand her commitment to the citizens of Burnsville, the students of District 191, our faith community and the many businesses that have flourished in our city. 

Mayor Kautz’s ability to build consensus while forging strong and lasting relationships between these various groups is a testament to her tireless collaborative and inclusive spirit.  She has led us through some difficult times in the past and I cannot think of anyone more suited to carry us through what lies ahead in the challenging environment we are currently in.

Please join me in supporting Elizabeth B. Kautz for her re-election as the Mayor of Burnsville!

Jeryl W. Beaulieu

President & CEO Showcraft

A Long Term Committed & Competent Leader is what Burnsville needs during these turbulent times! 

I am writing in support of Mayor Elizabeth Kautz’s re-election whom I have worked with for 24 years.  I have experienced first-hand and in a variety of testing situations her authentic servant leadership style. Mayor Kautz’s is genuine, tenacious and forever committed to keeping the public safe.  She was the backbone and positive guiding energy to ensure the extremely outdated police department was upgraded to meet industry standards and community expectations. She recognizes the need for accountability, transparency and community involvement to promote relationships to get things done. 
I had the opportunity to serve the Burnsville community for 30 years as a member of the Burnsville Police Department.  I have never met anyone as enthusiastic, committed and so incredibly invested in positive outcomes for the City of Burnsville as Mayor Kautz 

Eric Gieseke – Former Police Chief, Burnsville 

"Mayor Kautz provides leadership for Burnsville but also for Mayors across the country."

My name is Kathy Cleveland and as a long time Burnsville resident and long serving member of the Ames Center Commission, I am proud of my community and I have had the opportunity to watch our community thrive and grow. With the challenges we face in our country today, we need an experienced leader to guide us through this uncharted territory of the Covid 19 pandemic and social unrest that our entire country is experiencing.  I've known Elizabeth Kautz for over 30 years.  She is a strong leader, with vision, clarity and courage.  I have seen her many times defend what was right, even when it wasn’t popular to do so.  Mayor Kautz provides leadership for Burnsville but also for Mayors across the country. As the past President of the US Conference of Mayors and currently serving on the Executive Committee for the US Conference of Mayors.  Service is the key word, Elizabeth is a servant leader and servant leaders demonstrate excellence in their lives, inspire it in their followers, and unleash it in the organizations they serve. 

Mayor Kautz has used this service and vision to foster a community that reflect the diverse values, culture, and heritage of the people who live here.  Through Projects that incorporate natural features, performing arts and public art, that have distinguished Burnsville from its neighbors to attract new residents, visitors, and support a vibrant community for the people that live here.  Mayor Kautz sets the bar high and has created a culture of excellence, she is a leader that truly serves others with the greatness that this community deserves.  

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Cleveland

"Mayor Kautz’s pride for and commitment to Burnsville is second to none."

It has been my privilege to know Mayor Elizabeth Kautz for over 20 years and my honor to have worked closely with her for 8.5 of those years.  As the Burnsville Police Chief, I benefited from Mayor Kautz’s vision, commitment to making Burnsville a thriving community and a leader that made public safety one of her top priorities.   Mayor Kautz sets high standards for herself and those who serve the community.  She leads by example, provides support and guidance, and ensures that City staff has the tools and resources needed to provide the highest level of service.

Mayor Kautz’s pride for and commitment to Burnsville is second to none.  Over the years, Mayor Kautz has demonstrated an unwavering passion and dedication to making Burnsville strong.  Mayor Kautz never settles for status quo and is always looking for innovative ways to serve her constituents.  Under Mayor Kautz’s leadership, the Burnsville Police Department was first in the state and third in the nation to deploy body worn cameras.  She understood the incredible resource and tool the cameras would become.  Burnsville’s bold, innovative commitment to body worn cameras continues to positively influence police agencies in Minnesota and across the country.  A decision Mayor Kautz strongly supported from the beginning.

During a year of unprecedented challenges, Burnsville was fortunate to have a seasoned leader like Mayor Kautz.  As a result of her strong leadership, passion for the community, and unyielding fortitude, Burnsville will continue to thrive.  Mayor Elizabeth Kautz always has and always will have my complete support.  

Bob Hawkins

A letter of support for Mayor Elizabeth Kautz—A Leader within the Community 

I was born and raised within the Burnsville community and am very aware of the history of Burnsville and the changes within it. As a business owner of several companies, including one that was started in Burnsville in 1996, I continue to care for and interact with the city as the President of Rotary 2020-2021 in Burnsville.  

I met Mayor Kautz when I was a young teenager skateboarding at Gideon Pond. As she entered/left the building, Mayor Kautz took the time to listen to the teenager’s request of wanting a safe designated place to skateboard as businesses did not want kids skateboarding around their parking lots. When we connected again later that summer at a retail store, the discussion came up again on how we could solve this problem. Mayor Kautz also knew my father, a well-known philanthropic focused businessman in Burnsville and started discussions with him on possible options. Fast-forward about 2 years later, Burnsville Skate Park had its grand opening and has since undergone major improvements supported by various non-profits and has continued to be a well-known and respected feature of the city of Burnsville.  

Mayor Kautz has continued her approach of listening to Burnsville’s constituents to ensure she is on the pulse of the needs of the community. Her innovative vision for the city and tenacity to see projects through is exactly why she should be re-elected as Mayor and why I personally endorse her as a candidate. She is not only an individual exceling at what she was elected to do, she is intrinsically driven to lean in, learn more and support all and that is the type of leadership we need. 
I greatly respect Mayor Kautz for what she has accomplished, her vision, tenacity and passion for her community and her commitment to the long-term success of the city. Please feel free to reach out to me should you require further details or insight.  

Cheers,  Heather Manley – CEO On-Demand Group, CEO Crooked Water Spirits, CEO, HDG

"Burnsville Needs Mayor Kautz Now More Than Ever."

Burnsville residents, we have a very important election coming up in November.  Mayor Elizabeth Kautz is running for reelection and we must make sure she is reelected.  The following reasons are well known to most of our residents but let me reiterate them as follows.

I have known Elizabeth for decades; we have not always agreed but in the end, it was proven she had the best judgement.  I served on the Planning Commission for 9 years during some hectic times and observed her incredible leadership and guidance. One current example of leadership is she developed a group called “Mayor’s Roundtable”.  This is a group of Burnsville business owners large and small that gets together once a quarter and discusses challenges and positives in our business community. I was inspired and humbled by all of our business “heavy hitters”, but I was included even though my company had only 35-40 employees. Small or large Elizabeth wanted input from all areas of Burnsville business.  Many ideas discussed she turned into working practice for the business community.  

Another example of leadership is Mayor Kautz works closely with our Burnsville Community Foundation, whose mission is to develop and provide amenities for the city.  She demonstrates leadership working diligently with the Chamber and Visitors Convention Bureau.  Her school district 191 initiative brought focus and awareness to our school district. 

A very interesting little-known fact is Mayor Kautz participates in the National Council of Mayors and was president and now is a trustee of the group. This gives Burnsville incredible exposure and has led to many favorable outcomes for our city.

A term which is a very important today, is “institutional knowledge.” This relates to a knowledge of the history of the subject and experience as to how to get things done.  Elizabeth has been our Mayor for many years.  She knows how to get things done and the correct way to achieve them.  She has full comprehension of budgeting and developing programs to enrich our community. Trust me, her whole being is for the betterment of Burnsville.  

In these strange times, we need a Mayor with experience and leadership.  A person who is always thinking of our city.  A person with state and national ties who is always trying to get help for Burnsville. Now is not the time to start over with someone new.  We need Elizabeth Kautz for 4 more years.  Please join me in supporting Mayor Elizabeth Kautz for Burnsville Mayor…Remember we all belong in Burnsville!

Michael and Shirley Esch

"...Mayor Kautz has been a visionary leader..."

As the CEO and managing partner of True North Equity Partners, which owns eight small businesses across the region, I am keenly aware of the impact that local government leaders have on the economic environment. 

One of my businesses is a trucking company by the name of Transport Designs, which is based in my childhood hometown of Burnsville. I know firsthand, from personal and business experience, that Burnsville is a welcoming and accommodating city for both residents and main street businesses. 

Burnsville is a community with the infrastructure and amenities that help small businesses to launch, succeed, and grow—and I give a lot of credit for this to Mayor Elizabeth Kautz, who was first elected in 1994. Mayor Kautz has overseen an incredible transformation in Burnsville. During her tenure, the city has grown in both population and economic vitality.

What I really appreciate is that Mayor Kautz has been a visionary leader who brings people together to provide what is best for Burnsville. Every quarter, she convenes Burnsville company CEOs to share what is happening in each business, to share concerns and accomplishments, and to understand how the city can support businesses’ needs. Burnsville businesses have thrived, even in tough times, because of Mayor Kautz’s leadership.

I also have an appreciation for Mayor Kautz’s involvement with the Burnsville Community Foundation. My late father was the president of the Burnsville Community Foundation, so it is an organization that is especially important to the Slipka Foundation, along with my wife Megan and our entire family. Through it all, we know that Mayor Kautz has a holistic vision for the city of Burnsville—making it a great place to both to live and work. 

I admire Mayor Kautz for her longstanding commitment to working for Burnsville and applaud her for doing the job so well.

Brian Slipka

CEO/Managing Partner, True North Equity Partners

CEO, Transport Designs

Founder/President, Slipka Foundation

This letter is to endorse the candidacy of Mayor Elizabeth B. Kautz for Re-Election

I have known Mayor Kautz for over 30 years. I truly got to know her as a compassionate, servant leader when she served as a Pastoral Minister at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Savage. I personally experienced her heart and compassion when my mother was terminally ill with cancer and my wife, children and I were taking care of her in our home. Mayor Kautz came to visit her every week. She brought communion for my mother, talked with her and read with her, and sometimes just held my mother’s hand. 

            In 1995, Elizabeth was sworn into office as our Mayor. I have had the privilege of working with her and experienced her leadership inside our Municipal Organization. She supported our Public Safety initiatives, including our Firefighters and Paramedics. She understood that Police and Fire were the first responders to the incidents. She was, and still is, a proponent of Community Policing to maintain her priority of keeping our community safe. 

            Mayor Kautz’ leadership style can best be described as open, inquisitive, knowledgeable and supportive. She worked very hard in educating herself in terms of the needs of our Department to best serve the community. A good example of her initiative was the personal research she conducted in determining the appropriate upgrades for the Police Department space. Many hours of her time was spent in touring other police facilities in the metropolitan area. She interviewed their staffs, elected officials, and architects to assume economical enhancements to existing police facilities were achieved. A major goal was seeking and accomplishing an end result that was cost effective, serving the community not only for today, but for tomorrow; as evidenced by the police facilities as they presently exist. 

            One of the significant improvements to the existing building was the addition of indoor garage parking for the emergency vehicles, a definite need during inclement weather conditions. A timely response to emergencies when people are in critical need for care saves lives. Not to mention preventing wear and tear on vehicles and equipment.

            Mayor Kautz’ care and concern for our citizenry as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency personnel (and all city staff) has been a hallmark of her tenure as Mayor. She continues to exhibit a high level of energy and determination to do her very best, expecting the same from city staff, as well. Mayor Kautz’ length of service as an elected official is noteworthy, but definitely out-distanced by her accomplishments, recognized both locally and nationally. I urge that you vote for her re-election. 

Michael L. DuMoulin

Retired Chief of Police/ Deputy City Manager 1972-1998

"Kautz is Courageous"

My wife, Mary, and I have lived in Burnsville for almost 31 years and take great pride in this city. Communities, like homes or businesses, require continuing upkeep, maintenance and investment to maintain their value. Resting on safe positions is rarely the best form of leadership.

Mayor Elizabeth Kautz has been criticized by some because of her courageous championing of a variety of investments including the updating of streets and parks, but particularly for the Performing Arts Center. We admire Elizabeth and are pleased to support her for re-election. We urge our friends and neighbors to vote in the primary and to support Elizabeth.

Dan McElroy

Endorsement Letter for Mayor Elizabeth Kautz

I am fully supporting Mayor Elizabeth Kautz for her reelection as the Mayor of Burnsville based upon her ethical and experienced Leadership skills, her ability to transform vision into action for the community, and her devotion and true commitment to the residents of Burnsville.   First, as the former Chief of Police for the City of Lakeville , I had the opportunity to witness first hand Mayor Kautz leadership and innovation in the area of public safety in her roles of both taking a leadership position in the Task Force for consolidating the public safety dispatch centers in Dakota County and spearheading community partnership efforts with the citizens to improve quality of life and safety in the neighborhoods through the Night to Unite and the Rental licensing programs.    Many community development visioning plans never go beyond the planning stage because there is not effective leadership to guide the way for communities, but Mayor Kautz knows how to transform plans into action for the City through her participative leadership style as she demonstrated in the “Heart of the City “ redevelopment.   Finally,  Mayor Kautz devotion to doing what is best for the residents and citizens of Burnsville is evident not only in her very impressive list of accomplishments as mayor,  but to anyone listening to her speak.   I have known Mayor Kautz for a number of years and inevitably our discussions would turn to some aspect of local government and her first concern would always be what is best for the residents.  That is why I support Elizbeth Kautz for the Mayor of Burnsville. 

Thomas Vonhof

"We have seen her build strong relationships with the business community, the faith community, the school community and the non- profit community..."

Elizabeth Kautz has been an exceptional leader for our community over the years.  We have had the opportunity to work with her in multiple settings and have always appreciated her knowledge and passion for doing what will best serve our community.

As a past member of the Burnsville Community Foundation Board, one of us saw someone who was visionary, enthusiastic and committed to enriching the Burnsville community for all our citizens.

As a 17 year member of the ISD 191 School Board, the other one of us saw a partner who set up monthly meetings between the Board Chair, Superintendent, City Manager and herself to make sure we understood what each entity was pursuing and sought to find ways to work together.  She has actively supported every school referendum during her tenure.  She has made time to interact with our students in many ways attending school events and even taking time to read to our elementary students each year in our annual Read for the Record event.

As long time Burnsville residents, we have seen her build strong relationships with the business community, the faith community, the school community and the non- profit community that have made us a stronger place to live and work.

It is essential that we have a mayor who cares deeply about our community and has worked hard over the years to make us better, someone who has the knowledge and ability to work collaboratively and to be innovative in leading us, especially during this extraordinary time. Elizabeth Kautz is that person!  Please join us in supporting her.

Vicki and Rob Roy

"Her positive, can-do attitude inspires others.."

Burnsville is extremely fortunate to have one of the best mayors in America running the city. Mayor Elizabeth Kautz has a rare combination of passion, skill, vision, professionalism and experience. Though Burnsville has always been a good place to live and work, under her leadership, our city has never been better. Working hand in hand with her extensive and committed network of business and community leaders she has created opportunities throughout the city, bringing out the best in people, delivering high quality results, while responsibly leveraging resources from around the region. Our fiscal house is sound, our tax base has grown and our bond rating is an outstanding AA1. Mayor Kautz has been an excellent steward of the office of mayor and our tax dollars.

This perspective is shared by her peers from across the nation, who recognize the depth of her abilities and her caring attitude and elected her to the position of Second Vice President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. This is a position traditionally reserved for men who manage much larger cities a high honor given to few and not done without due merit. That's the type of mayor we have in Burnsville.

Mayor Kautz's years of dedicated service on behalf of our community in one of accomplishment we all can be proud of. She is exactly the person we need to lead our city over the next 4 years.

John Doll
Burnsville Resident
State Senator

'In Support of Elizabeth'

To The Editor
Burnsville Sun Current Newspaper

Citizens of Burnsville are fortunate to have their city government staffed with experienced and dedicated employees and elected officials who work tirelessly and put in long hours at considerable personal sacrifice to make Burnsville the progressive, well-run and financially viable community it is.

Mayor Elizabeth Kautz deserves credit for her outstanding leadership and her ability to facilitate a close working relationship with fellow Council members and the City Staff. As mentioned in recent letters to the editor, she has a real passion for doing the right thing for the citizens of Burnsville. She has worked hard to bring new businesses to the city that add to the community's tax base; create jobs, attract additional businesses, and add to an already attractive quality of living environment

It is notable that none of these projects result in increased taxes for the citizens of Burnsville. Increased revenues from expanded economic activity keep individual tax burdens low. Her work with the Burnsville Medical Alliance, with its focus on expanding the medical device manufacturing and health care industries in Burnsville is a good example of Mayor Kautz's vision for the future.

Our mayor has developed strong ties with organizations at the local, state, and federal levels to support these initiatives. They include locally the MN River Valley Medical Manufacturers Association (MedNet), MN High Tech Association, and Life Science Alley; at the state level the BioBusiness Alliance, the Dept.of Employment & Economic Development (DEED), and Minnesota State Colleges & Universities(MNSCU) and, at the federal level, her recent election as Second Vice President for the U.S. Conference of Mayors, which would lead to her automatic progression to President of this organization as the Mayor of Burnsville.

As long as Elizabeth Kautz is willing to continue to serve the citizens of Burnsville, let's re-elect her for another term.

Rich Daly

'Kautz has led city into the future'

To the editor:

Burnsville needs strong leadership if we want our city to continue to be a vibrant community to live and work in. For that reason I am supporting Mayor Elizabeth Kautz for re-election.

Kautz has been a driving force to keep Burnsville looking to the future. She has encouraged citizen involvement and input with the visioning meetings held in the past and the informal meetings she continues to have with citizens.

The Heart of the City project has transformed an area you simply drove through into a destination for shoppers, diners, and entertainment. Empty lots and the abandoned K-mart site now generate tax dollars for the community and provide jobs. The opening of the Performing Arts Center will attract even more people to the area. The Mediterranean Cruise Cafe; will relocate to a new building in the HOC in large part because Kautz personally invited the owners to be a part of the growth of the area.

CNN Money has named Burnsville as one of the top 50 "Best Small Cities" in the country. This is not a community that sits back and says "good enough." Too many cities have done that in the past and later find the need to reinvent the city to meet the times. Kautz and the City Council have not let that happen to Burnsville. Instead Burnsville continues to change for the better for today and the future.

Join me in voting for Kautz in the November general election. Let's keep Burnsville as a community we can be proud to be a part of.


"She regularly seeks the opinions of residents and other stakeholders..."

Burnsville has benefitted greatly from Elizabeth Kautz's leadership. We have a strong industrial/commercial base, an attractive and well thought out pattern of land use including good parks and natural areas, and a capable and efficient city government. She regularly seeks the opinions of residents and other stakeholders and welcomes new ideas and perspectives. When and where appropriate Burnsville cooperates with other units of government and with the non-profit and private sectors to help Burnsville thrive and keep this a good place to live and raise a family.

Please join me in voting for Elizabeth Kautz for Mayor.

Vici Oshiro

"This is a leader who doesn't pick sides..."

I'm voting for Mayor Elizabeth Kautz and urge bipartisan voters to join me.
Most compellingly because this is a leader who doesn't pick sides, as evidenced by this endorsement. My father, Gene Grazzini Jr ., a Republican, and I, a progressive, agree we want Elizabeth Kautz to continue leading our Burnsville.

Here are some reasons why:
First, Kautz is a long-time citizen who has maintained her focus on Burnsville 's evolving needs. Second: she has demonstrated commitment to maximizing all sectors of our Community from youth to seniors, businesspeople to immigrants. Third, her leadership style has proven effective. She balances sustaining collaborative leadership by convening diverse voices and energies, with pragmatic decisiveness orienting her actions to the larger vision of our Community, without ceding to extraneous distractions.

In recent years we've seen Kautz as at ease dancing with elementary school children in the healthy community initiative Paha Sapa: Play it Forward, as she's been catalyzing fiscal policy attention to Burnsville with presidents and prime ministers at national and international levels.

And through the toughest recession of our times, Burnsville has retained an AAA credit rating and continues drawing commerce, including hundreds of new businesses since 2009.

Meanwhile, Kautz navigated partisan tensions around the Burnsville Performing Arts Center defending its long-term cultural value, while successfully stimulating its short-term financial performance.

While many polarizing political positions undermine our collective success, responsive stewardship is critical. Other citizens and I with the cross-partisan initiative DynamicShift witnessed it when we told Burnsville leaders to stop fighting and start working together. Kautz moved quickly to bridge the divisions, pairing differing leaders to cooperate on projects to solve the problems.

These are among many reasons my father and I, coming from opposite political viewpoints, believe Elizabeth Kautz is the best equipped candidate to keep Burnsville on track into the future.

Has Kautz always done everything we think she should? No. We know no leader can perfectly address every citizen's every desire. But those who mix passion, pragmatism, commitment and cooperation combined with proven leadership, get close.

We're convinced Elizabeth Kautz has that rare, right blend.

Please follow our bipartisan lead and re-elect Mayor Elizabeth Kautz.

Andrea Morisette Grazzini
Founder, DynamicShift
CEO, WeTheP.org
With, Gene Grazzini Jr .
Chairman, Grazzini Brothers & Company

"She has a vision to lead Burnsville".

Congratulations to Elizabeth Kautz for her primary win in the Burnsville Mayoral contest. I want to declare that I will enthusiastically support Elizabeth Kautz for Mayor in this fall’s General Election.       I am supporting Elizabeth because she has shown an unbelievable passion for doing the right things for Burnsville. She has recognized that Burnsville is an aging city and has been a great visionary in leading the redevelopment of aging portions of the city. 

This vision has helped create the wonderful Heart Of The City which has created at least a $1 million increase in tax revenues and provided new housing and retail along with the fantastic Nicollet Commons Park. Her leadership has led to the re-development of Valley Ridge shopping center. In the last four years, the city has invested in street improvement infrastructure in many parts of the city. She led the city in finding a way to fund the Performing Arts Center which is growing in success and popularity every year. That success has helped our hotels and restaurants increase their business.

She has a vision to lead Burnsville in the future Minnesota River Quadrant Re-Development. All of these things have been done while holding our city tax rate steady. Elizabeth works harder at her part-time job than any person ever has as Mayor of Burnsville. She understands government policy extremely well, something that her opponent would take years, if ever, to learn. Her great leadership has also been recognized at the national level where she is still on the board for the U.S. Conference of Mayors. That position has helped bring new businesses and national awareness to Burnsville.  Her opponent, who has run and been rejected by the voters multiple times, says he should be elected because it is time for a change, but offers no ideas of what he would do for the city.   

For all of these reasons she is the clear choice in the General Election. Please join me in voting for Elizabeth Kautz for Mayor.

Doug Daniel
Burnsville, MN 55337

"As a member of the U.S. Conference of Mayors I have watched you work tirelessly to promote Burnsville.."

Mayor Kautz
100 Civic Center Parkway
Burnsville, MN 55337-3817

Dear Mayor Kautz,

I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I and other members of the Minnesota business community appreciate your constant efforts to grow commerce and employment in Burnsville, Minnesota and across the U.S. through your active engagement at home and within the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

As a member of the U.S. Conference of Mayors I have watched you work tirelessly to promote Burnsville as a place that is open for business while making it an even more appealing place to live through the redevelopment projects you have shepherded.

I hope the people of your home town are as proud of you as I am as I watch you on the world stage, fighting for jobs and Congressional financial support for Burnsville and the other cities across the country.

Bravo! Keep up the great work!

Michael W. Taylor
Vice President Municipals

"Elizabeth Kautz's leadership and vision that has made Burnsville the city it is today"

When my family and I moved to Burnsville in 1978 the city did not look as it does today.  I don't recall there was much of anything in what is the Heart of the City area today.  There was a K-Mart  store, but it seemed as if it was out of town to go there.  Two friends and I were recently discussing the transformation of the area.  The friend from another city asked, "How did all this happen and who or what was behind it?"  The other friend and I immediately responded, "Mayor Elizabeth Kautz!!!"  As I look at the Ames Center, the park, the townhouses and apartments, the stores in the area and, actually, most all of Burnsville I say to myself, "Thanks Mayor, this is amazing."  We've had some good mayors in the past, notably Dan McElroy, and some equally good City Council members.  But, for the past 25 years, it has been Elizabeth Kautz's leadership and vision that has made Burnsville the city it is today.  My family and I will vote to re-elect Mayor Elizabeth Kautz and I strongly suggest all Burnsville residents to do the same.

Chuck Erickson







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